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¨ This information sheet is produced by Randel on a volunteer basis & it is wise to confirm dates etc. because things change and sometimes mistakes are made! Send her a message on whatsonatwhitecliffs@gmail.com or 0457 478 759 if you see something that may be of interest to the people of White Cliffs or if you would like to receive a copy..

¨ White Cliffs now has two up to date web pages.
Tourist Association, White Cliffs  http://www.whitecliffsnsw.com.au 
Rex D.  

¨ Are you holding a meeting?  Don’t forget the Listen 6 hearing system so that those with some hearing loss can take part!  
It can be booked and collected from the White Cliffs Sporting Club—ph. 0457 478 759


Þ Dance classes have finished
A big thank you to Sarah & Shannon for holding the classes, the CWA for sponsoring and the White Cliffs Sporting Club for providing the venue free of charge.  
What a great community!!!

Þ White Cliffs Swimming Pool is now open!

Þ Grants Funding
Women’s Leadership Development—Farming and Agricultural Sectors
All women currently employed in the Australian farming and agricultural sectors are invited to apply for a limited pool of scholarship funding across a range of leadership courses. 
The grants are aimed at providing powerful and effective development opportunities for women within the farming and agriculture industry.
Scholarship funding is strictly limited and Expressions of Interest close 
Friday, 15th December, 2017​

Þ  2017 Regional Wellbeing Survey is now open
Do the survey online at www.regionalwellbeing.org.au
Call  1800 981 499 if you’d like a paper survey, or for help with the survey.
The Regional Wellbeing Survey’s mission is to support research that improves the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in rural and regional Australia. 
Your participation in the survey makes a difference, as it means we can produce data communities can use to inform their planning and decision making, as well as organisations ranging from the National Farmers Federation to the Rural Women’s Network (check out the reports and data on our 
This year we have a special section asking about access to support, including how easy it is to access support services such as GPs, mental health and other services in your community.
The survey is voluntary, confidential and anonymous, and 
closes on 21 December 2017, at midnight. 
Thank you for taking the time to participate and sharing your valuable insights.
Yours sincerely, Jacki Schirmer
On behalf of the Regional Wellbeing Survey team, University of Canberra

Þ New Podcast series: Let’s Talk—Mental Health
Let’s Talk is a new podcast series raising awareness about rural mental health issues. We encourage you listen at 
crrmh.com.au/podcasts and check out the show notes to find more information about each topic. #letstalkruralmh

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Check out the weekly & monthly events further down the page!

The Next 7 days

Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9am to 2.30pm White Cliffs Hall
White Cliffs Work for the Dole Program (WFD)
Feel free to visit, drop off or pick up sewing jobs, pop in for a cuppa and discuss your community ideas. Maybe we can turn them into WFD activities.
Supervisor: Jane Stevenson 0429601870

Mondays & Wednesdays 5.30 pm White Cliffs Sporting Club tennis courts
Cross fit with Jane

Mondays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.  
Contact  ??

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6.30 am White Cliffs Sporting Club
Cross fit with Jane

Wednesday, November 22  Wilcannia
Central Darling Shire Ordinary Council Meeting

Thursdays 9 am  The Art House (opposite the White Cliffs Health Clinic)
Art Group Painting
Donation $2 
All Welcome—contact Jane Stevenson

Thursday, November 23  White Cliffs Clinic  08 8091 6605 for an appointment
RFDS—Paul Ryan
Mental Health—Graham Archer

Friday, November 24  venue changed to Broken Hill
Worksafe Australia (Mark Smith) presentation
for information about Work Health and Safety, Small Business Rebates and the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Project and the associated Quad rebates contact Mark on  mark.smith@safework.nsw.gov.au

Thursdays 7.30pm  White Cliffs Hall
Indoor bowls
Gold coin donation, bring a plate. 
Contact: Ron Dowton
All welcome

Fridays, 10.00am  Red Earth Opal Cafe
Join the ladies as they sew, knit & natter.
All welcome

Fridays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.  
Contact  ??

Sundays, 8 am  White Cliffs Sporting Club Golf Course
Golf$5 green fee Clubs available for hire—even left-handed!

Sundays,  4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Euchre—All welcome

Sundays,   White Cliffs Sporting Club
Email:  WCSC2836.secretary@gmail.com
6pm  Bar open
 Dinner—volunteers needed to help serve & clean up 

Tuesday, November 28, 3pm  White Cliffs Community Hall supper room
White Cliffs Hall Committee Annual General Meeting
All Welcome

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Wednesday, November 29 White Cliffs Clinic  08 8091 6605 for an appointment
RFDS—Joegelia Ho
Mental Health—Vikki Quartmain

Thursday, November 30  White Cliffs Community Hall
White Cliffs Public School Presentation Night

Friday, December 1  White Cliffs Public School
Year 6 Farewell

Monday, December 4 to Friday December 15  White Cliffs Public School
Stewart House

Tuesday, December 5
Adams Transport delivery—
Fortnightly until further notice

Wednesday, December 6 to Friday December 8  Broken Hill
Swimming Lessons for White Cliffs Public School

Friday, December 8  7pm  White Cliffs Underground Motel
Trivia Night
Nibbles provided.  Discounts for locals.

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club—

Wednesday December 13, 10 am to 2 pm   Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal Aid, Civil Law Clinic
Contact Mukesh Mahajan   0416 885 303

Friday December 15  End of term 4, White Cliffs Public School

Friday December 15 White Cliffs Underground Motel closed for refurbishments
To reopen on Friday, March 16, 2018

Tuesday, December 19
Adams Transport delivery—
Fortnightly until further notice

Saturday, December 2
White Cliffs Christmas Party


Wednesday, January 3
Adams Transport delivery—
Fortnightly until further notice

Tuesday, January 16,
Adams Transport delivery—
Fortnightly until further notice

Tuesday, January 30
Adams Transport delivery—
Fortnightly until further notice

March 3, 2018  White Cliffs Sporting Club oval
Woodstock in White Cliffs in support of Kelly
3 live bands, a huge auction and much, much more.
Contact Bec Lawson 0427 758 852 darlingbiscuit@yahoo.com or Honor Taylor 0414 935 803 honor.bosslady@gmail.comfor more information or if you can help with sponsorship, donations for the auction and raffles, monetary donation or in any other way.
Check out the Woodstock in White Cliffs Facebook page for updates.

Friday, March 16  White Cliffs Underground Motel Reopens.

April 1—Co-opera’s production of “The Barber of Seville”
to be confirmed
contact Dick Wagner

Tuesday, April 17  
Central Darling Shire Administrator town visit to White Cliffs

April—near ANZAC Day—White Cliffs Gymkhana & Rodeo

May 3rd weekend—White Cliffs Music Festival
Contact Anne Baker, Enid Black, Richard Allan

July 6 to July 8 White Cliffs Underground Art Festival—including exhibition of the Gwen Rowe Historical Collection by the Broken Hill Library
Contact:  Cree Marshall (Chairperson), Cherryl Fyffe (Art exhibition), Hayley Atkins/Linda George (Saturday night entertainment), Rex D (Gwen Rowe/White Cliffs exhibition), Randel Greene (history trail), Glenys Smiley (craft table)

Weekly Activities:
Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays & the 1st Thursday of the month   9am to 2.30pm White Cliffs Hall
White Cliffs Work for the Dole Program (WFD)
Feel free to visit, drop off or pick up sewing jobs, pop in for a cuppa and discuss your community ideas. Maybe we can turn them into WFD activities.
Supervisor: Jane Stevenson 0429601870

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays  
St. Mary’s Pharmacy, Wilcannia delivery to White Cliffs

Monday & Fridays, 3-5pm 
Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.  
Contact ???.

Thursdays  7.30pm 
Indoor bowls at the Hall– all welcome
Gold coin donation, bring a plate.  Contact Ron Dowton

Fridays, 10.30am  
In winter 
Craft at the Red Earth Cafe.  Join the ladies as they sew, knit & natter.
Shirley Owen is offering some alpaca wool for the spinners.  Contact her on 
ethelfarmer@hotmail.com if you would like her to bring some up for you.

Fridays  6pm 
Locals dinner at the Store.  Bookings preferred.  
Visitors always welcome.

White Cliffs Sporting Club     
Email:  WCSC2836.secretary@gmail.com
Golf—Any day, any time.  $5 green fee (honesty system applies).  Clubs available for hire—even left-handed.
                        Club rooms available for hire—catering available
Sundays,          8 am  Golf      
                        6pm  Bar open—volunteers with RSA certificates needed  
7pm Dinner—volunteers needed to help serve & clean up

Sundays,  4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Euchre—All welcome

Sundays—10am  Wilcannia St. John’s Catholic Church

White Cliffs Swimming Pool
run by the White Cliffs Swimming Pool Committee (s355 committee of the Central Darling Shire.)
            Chairperson:  Dick Wagner
Robyn Taylor—Secretary

For further information please contact Shire Services on 08 8083 8900. 
Cost: This season the fees will be:         Adults:                  $2
Children               $1 under 10 years 
Monthly               $25 per family, individuals $20
Seasonal              $75 per family, individuals $60
            Season: November - March

Other Activities:

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club

1st Monday February, April, June, August, October, December
White Cliffs Health Council (closed meeting)
            Any queries, questions or issues can be raised with the Health Council members:
            Bill Hoskins                                        Dick Wagner
            Annette Turner                                    Bert Gale
            Vicky White                                        Randel Greene
            Ros Shannon Jenny Hoskins

2nd Tuesday—February, April, June, August, October
White Cliffs Sporting Club Committee meeting
            All correspondence to 
                        President: Dick Wagner, 
                        Treasurer: Fran Schonberg
                        Secretary: Randel Greene

3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30 pm—from April to October.  White Cliffs Miners Association meetings. 
Email:  wcma2012@hotmail.com 
                        President: Ron Dowton  08 8091 6711,  
                        Vice President Brad Atkins 08 8091 6635, 
                        Secretary/Treasurer Jane Stevenson 0438790510. . 
                        Committee:  Doug Brook, Dick Wagner, Jurgen Hecht, Graeme Dowton

Fire Brigade.—contact Rick Taylor, Fire Brigade Captain.

Tourist Association White Cliffs—contact Linda George

SES—contact Graeme Wellings

Underground Arts Festival (bi-annual)  - contact Cree Marshall

Hall Committee  - contact Clair Innes, Secretary

White Cliffs Community Association—caravan park

4th Wednesday of each month—Central Darling Shire Council Meeting  9am 

Helping White Cliffs Hear (FRRR Caring for Ageing Regional Australians funded)
The equipment, Listen 6 hearing system, is available for everyone to use.  The boxes contain a transmitter, 6 personal receivers, 6 ear buds, 2 personal hearing loops, a conference microphone. & feedback forms  It is very simple to use and should help those with hearing difficulties hear everything that goes on.   
People with hearing aids will need to have the telecoil activated to use the personal hearing loop.  Check for a “T” switch or ask your hearing service.
If you have a function where this would be useful please contact Dick Wagner at Southern Cross Opals or


2nd Wednesday of the month Wilcannia  Safe House Woore Street.  
            Far West Community Legal Centre  
            The Far West Community Legal Centre assists people who cannot afford the service of a private law firm and who are not eligible for legal aid.
            They offer free legal information and advice, community legal education and lobbying for changes to laws that are unfair.
            Tel: 1800 300 036  or  08 8088 2020   Fax: 08 8088 2060   Email: 

2nd Sunday of the month 11 am—St Mary’s Church, White Cliffs  IF REQUESTED!
            Church Service
Contact Mary Wilson   0408 858 718 wilhampe@gmail.com  
                Parish Office:    PO Box 185, Broken Hill, NSW  2880
            Tel: 08 8087 4402       

2nd Sunday of the month—3pm    Wilcannia  
Hospital Conference Room
Anglican Church Service
            Contact Mary Wilson   0408 858 718 
                Parish Office:    PO Box 185, Broken Hill, NSW  2880
            Tel: 08 8087 4402