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Underground living.
"How It Is Today"

Underground living is not easy and it's not for everyone but we should do a lot more of it around the World. All the World green house gas problems can be cut by 25% and it is no longer a dirty hole in the ground.

Thirty years ago an underground home was made of rusty iron and a hole in the ground, it cost almost nothing to live underground. Today a new modem underground is a picture, a "Piece of Art" and a lot of work.

A labor of love that takes years of work.

You dig a cave into the earth and you work hard to turn it into art I know, we have been working for years on our own underground home.

What you start with, a hill, we walked part way up the hill and dug a hole into the hill and went from there.

That's not quite true the Chinese dug an Opal mine here in the 1800s we turned it into our home.

The government should push underground living, its my dream to see a hill top covered in grass, in Sydney or Melbourne a city under the ground with 1000s of people they need no heating and no cooling, solar power, solar hot water it's 23c underground summer and winter.


I am no Greene, a long way from it. The pictures you see here sets the benchmark for underground living over the next 50yr's . I would say 99% of people would love to own and live in a home like this.

We are building our underground and this Underground Home is our benchmark to work by, our place is about 1/3 its size.


If you want to add a new bedroom dig a hole and turn it into your own bit of art.

In our case we are adding a new kitchen and bedroom outside not everyone wants to sleep underground.


With the cement and building materials around today you can build underground homes anywhere.

aaaAfter you dig out a room or hallway you have something like this to work with.

Then you start to build a home or as I call it a piece or art.

aYou add your own floor tiles and stairs. Cement render the walls.

aaYou add your own rooms and walk in robes, add your power and lighting, you build your own dream.

bAdd your own art to the home.

b1The workmanship in this underground is perfect in every way, (workmanship Ummm a lady did most of the work on the floor tiles.)

b2A lot of work laying the tiles, we are around 30ft underground at this point.

b3What do you do with art works you spent hours working on for the "White Cliffs Are Festival 2014," you take it home.

b4En suite and great use of tiles a wonderful view.

b5This bedroom has en suit, dressing room and walk in robe. Almost all undergrounds are white to help with lighting no sunlight down here and a cool 23c summer and winter, with no heating or cooling.

b6Great use of glass and tiles.

b7All the render work is done by hand it takes a lot of work but gives a great result.

b8Their own artwork, it's what you find around the local area. Note the underground has had no doors to this point, the doors ahead are for the bathroom and toilet area.

b9Local art it looks good.

b10We are now back in the front of the underground in the shower room.

b11Not quite your normal toilet, it is a piece of art in itself.

b12In the same room looking from the toilet.

b13Another shower, note the sun and moon in the floor tile work.

b14We are now in a room built on the front of the underground used as a lounge, kitchen and family area.

b15Their own art work is on the walls around the kitchen, it has everything you need in a home.

b16Bit more art in the kitchen a tree used to hold the roof up.

b17This underground set the standard for underground living, there's only one word for it "Outstanding"


The world has to look at underground living in the next twenty years the class of underground homes is so high now.

Thank you all for your time and hope you enjoyed looking at how people will live in the future.

People in White Cliffs are living or working towards this style of living right now.


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